Night Shift Brewing System Arrives

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It only makes sense that a truly epic event for NSB would occur on the epically palindromic date of 11/22/11. It had been foreseen…

Total nonsense, but a big day for Night Shift Brewing nonetheless. Arriving at our brewery around 11am this morning was an 18-wheel truck carrying an 800 lb, 11 ft long crate. Inside: Shaquille O’Neal’s corpse…No. Rather, the 3-4 bbl brewing system on which we will make every batch of official NSB beer. Big thanks to the guys at PsychoBrew for putting this awesome system together (scroll down to the very bottom for ours).

We were fortunate enough to have contractors Rick and Adam from The True Company on premise during the system’s arrival. With their help and convenient forklift skills, we unloaded “the beast,” finagled it down the warehouse’s long hallway, and maneuvered it through our roll-up doorway and onto a pair of pallets all without incident. Rick and Adam – you both get plenty of free beer once we’re up and running.

As you can see in the photos below, the brewery space now holds the first of many pieces of serious brewing equipement.  Up next? Walk-in cooler, brew kettles, bottling system, fermentors, labeler, and everything else that will quite soon be helping us make some truly delicious beer for our Boston friends. Can’t wait.

Adam working the lift
Getting it through the door…
Ain’t no thang
800 lbs down and there she lays
We had to pop the top immediately
Not a burner you wanna mess with
Fine crafstmanship by PsychoBrew
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