New NSB Founders Photos

Posted on November 19, 2011 by


A few weeks ago, my father, David Oxton, did a photo shoot of us Night Shift Brewing founders. Of course, we had to go with a night shoot. For location, we chose the patio above the Tufts’ library, which has an amazing view that overlooks all of Somerville, Cambridge, Boston and beyond.

As expected, the photos came out great (my father owned a photography business for 15 years, and teaches photography at The Governor’s Academy in Newbury). I’ve posted our three favorite photos below – the skyline shot is also featured on our website’s About Us page. We’ll probably start incorporating the others (plus yet-to-be-posted head shots!) over the next few weeks.

Special thanks to my dad for bearing with three guys who all couldn’t figure out how to not fold our arms every other pose (considered very defensive body language, especially in portrait photography, and not recommended if you’re trying to look open, inviting or friendly. I definitely always focused on the “Yup, I’m in charge” message that folded arms tell the world. If you look closely below, you can tell it’s taking everything within me not to cross ’em).

Me (Michael Oxton), Mike O’Mara, Rob Burns, and Metro Boston in all its glory
The Night Shift Team. All that’s missing is a hop-owl in the trees behind…
Mike, Rob and me, helped by some awesome backlighting