4 Awesome Sites for Brand Design

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As I work on the development of our own brand, Night Shift Brewing, I find myself coming back to a few sites over and over again. These are design-oriented sites that I consistently rely on for guidance, suggestions, or, quite often, aimless perusing while I try and soak up whatever what I come across. They’re kind of my go-to sites for quick inspiration – great resources for anyone (not just young, beer-making fools) looking to either start or build upon their brand’s look and feel.

Gotta start with with my favorite. This site centers around package design eye-candy – some of the best-looking labels, boxes, bottles, bags and et cetera that you’ve ever seen. It’s in blog format, so their most recently posted stuff comes up first, but you can also narrow by industry (beer, for example), and substrate (glass bottle, for example). They also give “Best of Show” awards every year, and will often do a “Student Spotlight,” highlighting impressive design work of some Illustrator whiz kid. My recent favorite is their Vintage Packaging section, which features sweet branding from oldie-time products.

Simply a great site to browse, especially if you’ve caught some of that designer’s block going around.

2. Colourlovers.com

Aside from their silly spelling of “color,” this site makes perfect sense. Essentially, it’s a thorough collection of very aesthetic color pallettes, designs and patterns. You narrow by interest (wedding, home, fashion, web, print, craft, and business) and also by category (patterns palettes, shapes or colors). They also have a Trends section that’s pretty interesting and topical.

Like TheDieLine.com, this is a great site for strolling around. Every time I visit, I find some new palette that makes me think, “Now THIS will rock our brand!” It’s a good and bad thing.

3. JustCreativeDesign.com

Jacob Cass, the site’s owner, keeps things very article-based, making this a great resource for specific advice on design and branding. As a typeface nerd, I’m especially partial on the font articles, which give good “best of” coverage for various fonts and their respective appropriateness. My favorite is 30 Fonts To Last A Lifetime – a great list of 15 serif and 15 sans serif fonts. And with that comment, I just lost 95% of my readers…

Anyway, lots of very relevant, informative “How-to-this” and “Guide-to-that” articles, covering everything from choosing a designer to QR codes.

4. logodesign.com

More image-oriented than JustCreativeDesign.com, this site looks at the specific creation of logos. As our own logo was pretty much done before I started branding research (wait, what?), I have used this site more for general design ideas than logo creation itself. That being said, logodesign.com gives truly interesting opinions on how to approach your logo from multiple standpoints. I really recommend their Logos I Love page.

BONUS TIP: For those who still read ink on paper, Really Good Logos Explained is a fantastic book about how exceptional logos are designed, and why they work so well. It has gorgeous graphics ands tons of professional criticism and analysis. Plus, I actually DID read this while designing our logo, so, you know, tell that to your Kindle.

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